Michigan Virtual x Wiz Kid Learning
Michigan Virtual
Michigan Virtual and Wiz Kid Learning are partnering to provide online coding & STEAM programs for students
Wiz Kid Future focused learning for a real world head start. Get your child ready for the real world with live virtual tech classes they'll love.
Exciting Coding & STEAM Online Classes starting soon!
  • Online Classes with flexible scheduling and live help
  • The Hottest Classes in exciting subjects like Roblox, Game Design, Coding, and more!
  • Future-focused Classes that prepare kids for success in our increasingly digitized world
Throughout our courses, students will participate in educational and interactive activities designed to develop and expand their coding knowledge as well as improve their problem solving, critical thinking, collaboration and logical thinking skills!
Find the Perfect Online Class for Your Student’s Interests and Goals
Give your child the opportunity to learn to code - a skill that will unlock a whole new world of possibilities.
Your child will learn how to design, code, and publish their own video games - all while learning key game design and coding skills.
Game design
Coding is the paintbrush of the future! Learn how to create 3D Designs, Digital Art, Web Design, and more.
Set your child up for real world success by enrolling them in our future-focused tech classes! They'll learn important skills from digital entrepreneurship to Web3!
Future skills
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