At Home Learning & Personalized Curriculum
Empower Your Child to Pursue Passions, Master New Skills, and Explore Future Careers
  • An Individualized Approach to Education
    Offer your child an unmatched educational experience with our specialized Enrichment Programs, running anywhere from 4 weeks to an entire school year. At Wiz Kid Learning, we don’t just adapt our curriculum to your child’s needs; we create a personalized roadmap to intellectual growth and lifelong skills. At Wiz Kids, your child's passions are transformed into actionable tech skills that will set them up for success.

    • Age-Appropriate Learning: Curriculum tailored for each educational milestone, from K-12.
    • An Individualized Approach: Specialized programs built around your child's unique goals and interests.
    • Nurture Their Passions: From game design to architecture, we integrate your child's interests into a rich learning experience.
    • Flexible for Your Life: We offer convenient scheduling options, designed to suit your family's unique needs.
Created With Your Child in Mind
Each Program Includes
⭐️ Tailored Curriculum
Our specialists create a curriculum that aligns with your child's unique interests and academic milestones.
⭐️ Expert Instructors
Each week, our certified teachers guide your child through 1 on 1 remote lessons designed to both engage and educate.
⭐️ Online Learning Platform
Easy to use Learning Platform that centralized all course materials
⭐️ Flexible Scheduling
We offer a variety of scheduling options to harmoniously fit with your family's busy lifestyle
⭐️ Passion-Based Learning
Curriculum designed around your child's passions and your educational goals.
⭐️ Ongoing Progress Reports
Receive regular, detailed reports to keep you informed of your child's learning milestones and accomplishments.
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Personalized Future Focused Learning for a Real World Head Start