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Wiz Kid Learning provides personalized at-home STEM enrichment courses for individual students, co-developed with industry experts. We also partner with schools and organizations to establish customized computer science and STEM programs for students K-12
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Live Online Courses for Children Ages 4 to 18
Live Online Group & Private Classes for Kids 4 - 18
Top-notch curriculum in subjects ranging from game design, coding, entrepreneurship, python classes, and more!
The hottest curriculum in exciting subjects like coding, game design, Python, entrepreneurship, and more.
Flexible online class scheduling in different time zones to suit your needs.
Flexible scheduling with weekly classes, camps, and private lessons in multiple time zones
Project-based education that focuses on creativity and creating lifelong learners.
Project-based classes give students hands-on experience in coding & STEM skills, and they leave class with a project to share and show off!
We prepare our students for success! That's why our classes are 100% future-focused.
Flexible scheduling with weekly classes, camps, and private lessons in multiple time zones

How We Teach
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How we teach our students

Find the Perfect Online Class for Your Student’s Interests and Goals
Give your child the opportunity to learn to code - a skill that will unlock a whole new world of possibilities.
Your child will learn how to design, code, and publish their own video games - all while learning key game design and coding skills.
Game design
Coding is the paintbrush of the future! Learn how to create 3D Designs, Digital Art, Web Design, and more.
Set your child up for real world success by enrolling them in our future-focused tech classes! They'll learn important skills from digital entrepreneurship to Web3!
Future skills
"Great experience! Teacher was knowledgeable and friendly and gave the kids time and answered questions very well. My son was so excited to learn how to create and publish his own Roblox games! It was also very exciting to learn some coding!"

- Roni Z. Wiz Kid Dad
The instructor was upbeat and encouraging. The kids were engaged. Each kid received individual attention to address any questions or problem-solving opportunities as needed. Thanks for the learning experience and fun!"

- Benjamin O, Wiz Kid dad
My son loved this class! He said that Melissa answered every question and she was helpful with explaining everything. He also said that he “learned everything he wanted to - and more!”

- Kathy B. Wiz Kid Mom
My 10-year-old daughter enjoyed this class. She loves Roblox & started to make a few games on Roblox prior to this class. However, this class taught her how to add a landscape, add tools to the toolbox, music, etc.

- Malie S. Wiz Kid Mom