Developing Better Problem Solvers & Thinkers through STEM

Wiz Kid develops your child’s technical and soft skills to help them thrive in a digital world
Customized Pathways
Our curriculum is customized based on each learner's needs and interests to enhance their creativity and curiosity
Future-Focused Learning
Classes are designed to develop key transferable skills like perseverance, confidence, and collaboration
Inspiring Instructors
Wiz Kid instructors are trained to inspire and uplift students to build confidence and inspire a lifelong passion to learn
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Project-Based Learning

Students will participate in fun project-based STEM & coding activities to help elevate their problem-solving, critical thinking, and teamwork skills while having a blast!

Social & Collaborative Learning  

Our classes are designed to give students a social outlet while learning key digital skills in an uplifting and fun environment. Learners participate in interactive educational activities that develop their digital skills alongside other learners who share their technology interests.

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Active and Adaptive Curriculum

Our teaching methods accommodate a variety of learning styles. We utilize active learning techniques that allow students to learn at their own pace, and we’ve successfully worked with many students with multiple exceptionalities.

How we teach our

  • Project-based curriculum enables students to finish class with shareable projects
  • Leverage students' interest in gaming, creating, and socializing to deliver engaging courses
  • Build key transferable skills like perseverance, confidence, and collaboration

LifeLong Benefits
Wiz Kid

  • Acquire the tools to transform from consumers to tech innovators
  • Obtain key tech skills that will allow them to pursue creative and rewarding tech careers
  • Develop key teamwork and problem-solving skills that will help them thrive in our globalized and digitized world

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