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How to Teach Your Child to Code

Step 1: Find their interest and passion:
Children show their interests in various ways! Through their questions and conversations, they can offer important clues to help find their passion. With coding, students can create their own programs that are based on their interests. If your child is interested in Roblox or Video Games, why not give them the opportunity to learn how to create their own Roblox Video Games? Tap into something your child already enjoys doing and show them how to use coding as a new way to bring their ideas to life

Step 2: Use age-appropriate coding languages 
Age-appropriate coding languages vary based on children's ages as well as their individual learning styles. For example, children from age 5-6 typically start coding through scratch jr or symbol based coding languages. Children from ages 7-12 typically start coding through games such as Roblox, Minecraft and Scratch. Older children can start to explore intro to Python and web development if they have been familiar with coding since a younger age. 

Step 3: Get familiar with coding games by learning online from a skilled instructor
Since 2016, our team has taught thousands of children across Canada, the US, and the Caribbean to code while helping them develop critical computer science and learning skills designed to give them an edge in succeeding in our growing digitized world. Wiz Kid offers many different types of courses from Roblox Game Design, Web Development, Animation and more! 

Step 4: Encourage hands-on practice and demonstrate patience
“Practice makes perfect!” The more your child practices their coding proficiencies, the better they will start to understand the concepts. Working with technology can sometimes be frustrating as there are many things that can go wrong that are sometimes out of our control, if this happens it is important to try and demonstrate patience as this will help your child to be able to better focus and understand how to fix the problem in the future.  

Step 5: Build on success and follow their plans
Building on their success and starting to make goals and follow through with them is a great way to ensure that your child continues to develop their coding skills and will help prepare them for the future of coding and technology! We can help you build a learning plan for your child! View courses here