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How Wiz Kid Helps Schools and Youth Organizations Achieve their STEM Goals

How Wiz Kid Helps Schools and Youth Organizations Achieve their STEM Goals

Coding and technology-focused education are essential for developing the foundational skills needed for success in today's digital world. But delivering compelling, comprehensive coding and technology courses and classes is not as easy as it may seem.

That’s where Wiz Kid comes in: we create easy-to-implement full-service coding & stem programs so that your organization can achieve its coding/stem goals without the hassle of having to try to develop a curriculum and train your staff.

Why Coding & Tech Education Matters

Learning how to code and other tech-focused skills is imperative to developing a holistic S(T)EM education and are important and critical for any 21st-century kid. These fields not only hold the key to the future of our economy, but they deliver fundamental life skills, like critical thinking, and foster a passion for innovation. Every kid benefits, even those who don’t see themselves as future inventors or scientists.

According to the National Inventors Hall of Fame (NIHF), a well-rounded STEM curriculum teaches more than science and math. It includes media and technology literacy, flexibility, and initiative. Kids learn about problem-solving and decision-making, and they also find out how to accept failure during a project. All those skills transcend professions or individual fields of study. No matter whether kids choose to become a doctor, an archaeologist, or a car mechanic, STEM education will support their careers.

How You Benefit by Partnering with Wiz Kid

Delivering inspiring STEM education can be trickier than you would think. The proficiency levels of students in digital literacy can vary greatly, and time in the classroom may not be enough to deliver all the information tomorrow’s inventors could benefit from.

Experts believe that a truly great STEM education requires more after-school programs, summer camps, and dedicated spaces for learning and experimentation in order to take your STEM program to the next level.

Our turnkey Coding and STEM education programs engage kids and teens everywhere, and they correlate (and exceed) scholastic computer science standards and outcomes. Our programs are hassle-free and work well in classroom settings or after-school programs.

Plus, our approach is focused on connecting technology with real-world skills that help kids progress in their life beyond school and academia. That means not only learning how your favorite online website/game works but being able to learn key coding & tech skills that allow you to build your own game/project. Our goal is to convince kids to look beyond what they think is possible.

Despite our focus on STEM, we’ve not lost sight of developing important soft skills. That’s why our classes and courses are taught in a social setting. Think about it this way: if your students love sports, chances are they join a team. But what about STEM-type subjects? There are few social clubs for those with an interest in technology.

Wiz Kid Learning fills that gap by combining excellent content with a safe social environment where kids can learn together and meet others with similar interests. As a course administrator, you have access to a full overview of students’ progress, too.

How our Partnership Work

We will provide customized turnkey coding and STEM programming that fits your organization's needs and focus. The following are some key details on what it is like to work with Wiz Kid Learning:
  • Live Online Classes in over 30+ Subjects
  • We will design a customized learning plan for your organization
  • Branded Registrations and Online Learning Environment
  • Worldclass instructors from top North American Universities
  • Progress Reports and Updates on students' performance
  • Fun, Interactive, and Moderated learning environment for students
Classes can take place at your school/community center (our instructor will join remotely) or all the students can join remotely from home.

Learning Philosophy

Every Wiz Kid class is built around three pillars:
  • An active and adaptive curriculum accommodates various learning styles and learning differences.
  • Project-based learning brings the subject to life. Rather than spending days trying to digest theories and definitions, kids become involved in real-life projects from day one. This is an excellent way to further teamwork, critical thinking, and problem-solving abilities right from the start.
  • Collaborative learning adds a social component to understanding key digital skills. Whether kids are working in a group environment or 1-on-1 with an instructor, they’re surrounded by others who share their passions.

Partnering with us means that we can help your organization achieve your STEM goals while equipping your students with the necessary skills to become the innovators of tomorrow. Our coding program unlocks an entirely new world for your students. They will not only be able to navigate around their favorite platforms, but they will understand what does into creating them. Before long, Wiz Kids may just be creating the next world-changing technology!

If you would like to know more about partnering with us, get in touch today.