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Top 5 Future Coding & Technology Jobs

As computers and technology continue to become an important part of our everyday lives, it only makes sense to consider a job in coding and tech! 

Coding and programming skills are in high demand. One of the most important skills that your child should know in order to succeed in our increasingly competitive job market is coding. Below are some of the top coding jobs to pursue in 2021:

Full-Stack Web Developer
A full-stack developer works with the behind-the-scenes of a website. Their job involves making sure that the web apps are created to meet the required standards. Some skills needed for a Full-Stack Web Developer:
  • Understanding of system design and architecture 
  • Knowledge of data structures 
  • Familiarity with database technologies
  • Problem-solving skills

Animation Programmer 
Animation programmers hold a creative role and are responsible for developing gameplay animation system features and pipelines. 
  • Knowledge in software design patterns and ability to design maintainable, extendable, and well-optimized codes
  • Strong math skills, specifically good knowledge of linear algebra
  • Interested in-game animation and passion for real-time animation topics
  • Skills in implementing project's animation requirements, maintain, design and improve existing animation systems

Mobile Application Developer
Since smartphones and tablets are very popular, mobile developers are in high demand. The main role of a Mobile app developer is to create, manage, and execute the code to develop iOS/ Android mobile apps and mobile platforms. Below are some skills needed to have as a mobile developer:
  • Knowledge of a coding language used for mobile app development. Kotlin & React native are very popular for Android app development
  • Basic UI/design skills
  • Problem-solving skills

DevOps Specialist
There is a growing emphasis on automation, DevOps specialists are in high demand. DevOps involve using automation to monitor all steps of software development from integration, testing, to deployment. Some of the skills required to become a DevOps engineer are:
  • Programming and coding skills
  • Command of automation technologies and tools
  • Software security skills
  • Project management skills
  • Problem-solving skills

 RPA Developer
Robotic Process Automation (RPA) developers build software bots and automate tasks. Some of the skills required to become an RPA Developer are:
  • Knowledge of some scripting and coding languages
  • Understanding of business 
  • Ability to analyze data
  • Knowledge of UiPath framework
  • Analytical and problem-solving skills

Many of the careers listed above show required skills that are learned every day through Wiz Kid’s courses. Starting to learn these skills early can benefit a child’s future! 
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