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My daughters loved this camp and their teacher. They kept working on their games after each session and were really proud of what they could create.They are still using what they’ve learned to create games.
My 10-year-old daughter enjoyed this class. She loves Roblox & started to make a few games on Roblox prior to this class. However, this class taught her how to add a landscape, add tools to the toolbox, music, etc
The instructor was upbeat and encouraging. The kids were engaged. Each kid received individual attention to address any questions or problem-solving opportunities as needed. Thanks for the learning experience and fun!
"Great experience! Teacher was knowledgeable and friendly and gave the kids time and answered questions very well. My son was so excited to learn how to create and publish his own Roblox games! It was also very exciting to learn some coding!
My 9 y.o loved this class. He was excited to log on every day and he was engaged for 2 straight hours daily. Instructors did an amazing job. Customer service was excellent and prompt to answer my questions. Highly recommend this class. We’re planning on coming back to it.
Hundreds of parents rate us with 5 stars
My son loved this class! He said that Melissa answered every question and she was helpful with explaining everything. He also said that he “learned everything he wanted to - and more!
She was completely engaged in the sessions, talking and asking questions. It was exactly what she wanted. My daughter hates camps and hates structured activities... an artist at heart. She loved her Wiz Kid Coding online camp, though
My daughter enjoyed the fact that instructions were open-ended - there was leeway for creativity and individualism."
My son told me to “give the class the maximum number of stars!” He loved it!"
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