Unity: 3 Great Reasons Teens Should Learn

What is Unity?

Unity is one of the world’s most popular game engines for adult and teens. It packs a ton of 3D and 2D game development features together and is flexible enough to make almost any game. With cross-platform features, Unity is popular with both private developers and large gaming companies. Unity has been used to create games like Pokemon Go, Heathstone, Rimworld, Cuphead, and plenty more.

Why should parents care?

Getting involved in learning activities outside of school can help teenagers meet new people they share interests with. Online Unity developer courses are great places for teens to meet with shared interests. Their virtual studies can become the basis for lasting friendships. As a result, Teens will improve their social skills. It can often be a challenge for teens to build relationships, especially in these changing times.

Also, extracurricular activities can add more personality to a résumé and enhance the teen’s general college application quality. This means that they showed initiative to go “above and beyond.” It also means that they have some coding experience that is becoming increasingly relevant.

Three Benefits of Learning Unity

1. Helps with Fast Strategic Thinking & Problem-Solving

Most games require children to think quickly. Moreover, they have to utilize their logic to think multiple steps to solve problems and complete levels. This is great because it helps teens in later life as they develop their reasoning, accuracy, and ability to think creatively.

2. Beneficial Specifically For Teens with Attention Disorder

Research conducted by Mark Griffiths, a professor at Nottingham Trent University, has revealed that online games can actually help children who experience attention disorders. Similar findings have been found in other related studies.

3. Develops Hand-Eye Coordination

Games that require teens to use a gamepad or a keyboard and the mouse to operate the games can help develop hand-eye coordination. This is because teens are using their hands to control what is happening on the screen.

Wiz Kid Coding Unity Classes

In our Unity classes, teens will learn how to use professional game development software to create amazing 3D games that they can share with friends and family. We provide a 5-day interactive program where teens will learn the basics of game development using Unity. Throughout the program, teens will work to create excellent 1 of a kind video games. Our amazing Wiz Kid instructors will work with your teens to help them design and create unique video games.

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