Top 5 Things Students Love about Wiz Kid

Since 2016, the Wiz Kid team has taught thousands of children across Canada, the US and the Caribbean to code while helping them develop critical computer science and learning skills designed to give them an edge in succeeding in our growing digitized world. Wiz Kid offers children 4-18 engaging instructor-led live online private and group classes in future-focused tech subjects - like Coding, Game Design, Animation, Digital art, and more.

Students and parents alike often share positive feedback and reasons why they love learning with Wiz Kid! Here are the top 5 things students love: 

  1. Creating their own unique games

Students are always encouraged to use their creativity when creating their games within our programs!

  1. Collaborating with classmates

Working together with classmates mates by playing games gives the students a sense of teamwork! 

  1. Learning new skills

We are always making sure our students learn new skills each lesson!

  1. Meeting new friends 

Making friends is an important part of any program as it helps with a sense of belonging!

  1. Helpful and encouraging instructors 

Our instructors are carefully chosen from top universities and have lots of experience working with children and coding!

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