The Importance of Learning Through Play

It is no secret that every child loves to play! It may surprise you that even though it seems to be all fun and games, this is actually an important part of development. When children are young their minds are constantly developing and growing. One of the main ways that children learn is through play! 

Learning to code can be frustrating and intimidating at first, which is why starting young and learning through play can help develop a lifelong love of not only coding but learning as well. 

Play is a very important part of child development.  Playing has been proven to nurture imagination and creativity as well as gives them a sense of adventure. Children learn positive life skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving, working with others, sharing, and much more. This knowledge helps children develop the ability to concentrate and grow as individuals. 

At Wiz Kid Learning, we have designed a learn through play curriculum that both engages students while giving them the opportunity to learn key coding & STEM skills. Through creating a positive and fun learning environment, students are able to develop educational confidence as well as love for learning.

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