New Web Development Program 

In Wiz Kid’s new Web Development 101 Programs for students ages 10-13, students will use the Glitch platform to learn how to design, create and publish web pages. Throughout this program, students will learn key concepts in the HTML language, learn to style their pages with CSS, add interesting effects with CSS animations and use links to tell stories!

Developing web pages is an exciting task, that allows students to express themselves while being extremely educational. Students will leave this class having a good understanding of how the internet works, how to be safe online, how to create and publish content online, and how to design beautiful websites.

Learning goals for this course include:

  • Learn to design and develop web pages.
  • Learn about being safe online by not exposing personal information.
  • Learn HTML: elements, body, head, main, footer, headers, paragraphs, lists, images, links. 
  • Learn CSS properties and values: color, background-color, border, padding, margin, background images
  • Learn CSS animations: create an animated scene by changing position, size, rotation angles, and more.
  • Storytelling, planning and designing skills to create multi-page websites
  • Express themselves through content creation
  • Develop digital citizenship and online safety skills 
  • Build Teamwork and Collaboration Skills
  • Develop Strategy, Decision Making and Communication Skills

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