How to Be a Successful Student This Year

The summer isn’t over and there is still enough time to get in your beach visits, ice cream runs, and backyard BBQ parties. However, with the new school year quickly, families can start to prepare to send their young ones into the new term prepared.

Here are 5 ways that you can set your students up for success without them even walking into a classroom yet. 

This is the best time to start reintroducing routines back into the child’s life. This could be through solid bedtime routines as it can take time to readjust to the habit. Providing structure in the home helps make the in-class structure easier to adapt to. To take it a step further, consider adding a morning routine that includes a wake-up time so they will be ready for the early school mornings. An alarm clock can make this easier and by allowing the child to take control of this, it fosters independence.

Limiting screen time can be beneficial. When your children are using their screens, consider enrolling them in learning programs. At WizKid, they provided several different online courses that includes: Introduction to Game Design, Digital Entrepreneurship, Intro to Coding, and 3D Design and Games. Not only are your children gaining transferable skills but in a fun and interactive learning environment.

Set intentions for the school year. Teaching your children how to set and accomplish goals can be helpful to their overall development. Making vision boards can be effective because it allows for the visualization of goals in a dynamic and even colourful way. This also encourages creativity and independence by allowing the child to take control of the way the board looks. These boards act as a physical reminder of the accomplishments that your child wants to focus on. 

Talk about healthy hygiene habits with your child. This could be encouraging good hand washing practices and even how germs spread. This is also a great time to talk about the benefits that incorporating some online courses can have to their life. Working in a variety of learning environments can teach your children adaptability which will be beneficial to them in their future.

Stock up on school supplies. It can be overwhelming to try and secure all the needed school accessories and supplies right before school starts. Try creating a list and collecting the needed supplies over the next few weeks. This will also encourage your child and allow them to start thinking about the upcoming school year. 

Being prepared is the best way to make your child’s transiting back into school as smooth as possible. Obviously, challenges will arise but by setting the groundwork and creating an engaging learning environment, it will be easier to overcome obstacles when they appear. 

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