How Game Development Could Be Good for Your Kids!

Game development involves the process of creating, designing, testing, and releasing game concepts. In the gaming industry, the game developer may wear many hats, these include programmers, sound designers, artists, level designers, and many more. When creating, designing, and testing a game it is important to focus on the level design, character design, animation, rewards, engagement, and the mechanics of the game. Research shows that gaming is increasingly becoming trendy amongst kids. Game development is not only a source of entertainment for kids but can also offer some great advantages that will contribute to their overall personal development.  

1. Gaming contributes to the child’s brain development by teaching them problem-solving skills and allowing them to fully express their clever minds. Children get to come up with their own strategies that enable them to make decisions for themselves. This activity makes them better analysts and great curious thinkers.  

2. Your child can also explore their creativity through gaming. If your child wants to be a game designer or an animator, this serves as an outlet to bring their imaginations to life through storytelling. For instance, children can choose their game characters based on the character’s strengths and abilities. Conversely, gaming can also stir up the interest to develop games in the future and get your child’s creative juices flowing to perform better in school, specifically in art, design, math, and science.

3. The idea of engaging multiple players in a game hones your child’s leadership skills. When playing with other people, they get to become aware of their own strengths and that of the other players. With this information, they can decide who should be the main character and other players. This way each player/child gets the chance to be tactical to ensure a win.

4. Gaming is not only for kids! Games are fun and can also be used as a way to strengthen the bond between parents and children. Throughout the game, both parent and child get to observe and learn how each other handles wins, defeats, and tips on how to skillfully play the game. Game nights can also be incorporated into family rituals which creates unforgettable memories for both parent and child.

5. Playing games is good for your child because they can easily make new friends since there is a common interest amongst them. Your child will not have to feel lonely but rather a sense of belonging and trust. This also presents an easy way to start conversations when they meet new people.

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