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Hey Parents! Here's Everything You Need to Know About Wiz Kid Learning

Hey there! I'm excited to share what makes Wiz Kid Learning such a fantastic place for your kids to learn and grow. As the founder, I’ve always believed in creating an environment where education is both fun and forward-focused. We’re an award-winning, accredited program dedicated to helping kids build the skills they need for the future. Whether it's coding, game design, financial literacy, 3D animation, or entrepreneurship, we’ve got courses that’ll spark their creativity and equip them with valuable knowledge. So Here's Everything You Need to Know About Wiz Kid Learning

Girl on an online class with Wiz Kid Learning

Everything You Need to Know About Wiz Kid Learning

Who We Are

At Wiz Kid Learning, we aim to make top-notch education accessible to every child. Our courses are designed to be immersive and hands-on, making learning an exciting adventure rather than a chore. From beginner coding classes to advanced game design with Roblox Studio and Unity, we offer something for everyone. Our goal is to help kids see the possibilities in the digital world and inspire them to create and innovate.

What We Are Doing This Summer

Summer is the perfect time to dive into new skills, and we have an awesome lineup of courses ready to go. Think intensive coding bootcamps, creative game design workshops, and practical financial literacy classes that teach kids how to manage money and start their own business. These courses are interactive and project-based, so your kids will be able to apply what they learn right away, building real games and projects they can be proud of.

Personalized Learning Experiences

We know every child is unique, which is why we offer flexible learning options. You can request group classes for a more social learning experience, or opt for private lessons if your child needs a more personalized touch. We also provide tutoring to help bridge any learning gaps, ensuring your child is on track and ready for the next school year.

Get Exclusive Access to Our Summer and Fall Passes

Our summer programs are super popular and tend to sell out quickly. By joining our mailing list, you’ll get early access to our summer passes and secure your child’s spot in these fantastic courses. Plus, you’ll be the first to know about our Fall programs, so you can plan ahead and ensure your child doesn’t miss out.

Join the Wiz Kid Learning Community

At Wiz Kid Learning, we’re more than just a bunch of classes – we’re a community of curious minds and creative spirits. We’re here to support your child’s learning journey and help them discover their passions. 


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