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Do you know your child’s learning style? Did you know that being aware of your child’s learning style gives insight into how your child processes information to help them succeed in life? Neil D. Fleming, a teacher and learn from New Zealand designed the VARK learning style model in 1984 to help people assess their individual learning preferences. The learning styles are as follows:

  • Visual learners: prefers the use of images and graphics to understand and internalize new information.
  • Auditory: these kinds of learners understand content through listening or speaking in group settings or an online tutorial
  • Reading/Writing prefers using words in writing and reading widely.
  • Kinesthetic: this group includes hands-on learners who better understand information by figuring it out by themselves. They enjoy the transformation process of understanding information and building it into a successful project that works.

Now, your turn! What is your child’s type of learning? Use these questions below to identify your child’s learning preference

Does your child like to look at pictures when reading their favourite book? (Visual learner style)

Would your child rather prefer listening to a teacher or expert to explain a particular assignment to them? (Auditory learning style)

Will he/she prefer to read the instructions for assembling their favourite toys? (Reading/Writing learning style)

Would your child often watch you perform an action and then try it after? (Kinesthetic learning style)

I am sure you are wondering what influence do learning styles have to do with coding. Learning how to code is being able to process information to generate results like a programmer while learning a particular language.

For visual learners, use diagrams, maps, graphics, colors to identify important information or highlight key terms in the specific language your child is studying.

Auditory learners prefer having discussions with other students to fully understand a concept. They like to read their notes out loud so they can assimilate information easily by hearing themselves.

Read/write learners prefer reading and writing concepts in the forms of manuals, essays, and reports. For this group, buy them textbooks and other written materials to learn concepts on coding.

When kinesthetic learners are learning how to code, it is best to use case studies to better understand abstract concepts. It is also advisable to give them experiments that allow them to figure it out on their own.

Knowing about the various learning styles is not limited to only children, knowing your learning style as a parent or adult gives you a better understanding of yourself on how you communicate and process information. Almost every child possesses a combination of these learning styles, however, every child has a dominant learning style depending on the content of the material being studied.

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