Debunking 5 Myths About Coding

Have you ever thought of learning how to code? Where do you start from? How much do you have to pay to start? Is coding for me? As we live in an era where technology is constantly evolving, coding has become one of the new buzzwords since organizations aim to leverage various technologies to improve upon their processes and business operations. In this blog post, we will debunk some of the myths of coding

  1. Coding is solely for math enthusiasts

There is a misconception that one has to be a nerd and enthusiastic about math to be able to code. This is wrong. Coding and math both require problem-solving and logical thinking to work through problems. If you are not good at math, you can still learn how to code

  1. Learning how to code is difficult

Just like learning any language, practice makes perfect. When learning how to code, effective practice is necessary for learning the concepts and instructions to solving problems. This is why effective resources that are teachable and easy to understand are important. Not forgetting, accepting guidance from mentors and fellow learners who can help in solving a problem.

  1. “I am too old to learn how to code”

Coding is beneficial for everyone, as long as you can read and write. As adults, gaining technical skills can make you a more valuable candidate for your employer. Coding also presents endless opportunities if you want to pivot into a new career field or simply, improve on reasoning skills.  What about kids? At Wiz Kid Coding, we believe that teaching programming/technical skills contributes immensely to your child’s personal development. In fact, teaching kids coding is just like teaching a new language! Children are exposed to learning a programming language that can make them confident problem solvers and leaders.

  1. Coding is boring

Learning to code is not boring! Writing code not only increases creativity but requires creativity to write the code. There are many ways to solve a problem when learning a programming language. Writing code can be used to create websites, games, apps, and computer software which serves as an avenue to express creativity and deliver innovative solutions.

  1. Some coding languages are better than others

There is an arsenal of programming languages that one can choose from. No coding language is better than the other, every coding language has its distinct use cases. However, some coding languages are easier to easily learn than others. You do not need to learn every language; it is better to master and be proficient in one language than to study multiple languages at a goal.

  What myths have you believed about coding? These are just a few common myths about coding we hope we have been able to disprove and get you to dismiss them! Anytime you hear misunderstandings about coding, don’t believe them. If you have a passion for coding, go for it!

“All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them”

-Walt Disney

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