5 Reasons Minecraft Can Make Your Child a Better Student

What is Minecraft?

Minecraft is all about building. The player is dropped into a world where the goal is to make tools and build-out raw materials. There are two different modes. There is a creative mode, where you can start out with all the supplies that you need and a survival mode where the user has to go out and gather the building materials. The emphasis is on exploring the world, building, and being creative. Minecraft is proven to enhance a child’s creativity, problem-solving, collaboration, math, and, more importantly: STEM knowledge.

Minecraft Enhances Learning Skills:


Kids can create anything they can ever imagine, with the only constraint being that everything is made out of blocks that must adhere to the 3D grid. Anything you can think of from real-world cities to your favorite restaurant probably already exists in Minecraft. Don’t believe me? Simply look up ‘cool things to build in Minecraft’ on either Google or Youtube and admire all the kids’ creative thinking.


Minecraft forces kids to rely on their creativity and problem-solving skills. Kids have to use their imagination and really figure out how to create something. Kids can test theories, attempt new things, and keep testing theories for as long as they want. If one material does not work, they try another one. They will be able to experience failure in a friendly and safe way that teaches them that failure is not the end of the world.


Yes, math! Math is a huge component of the game that kids will not often realize. From calculating how much time is left until the sun goes down, how much food they need for their next adventure, how much area space they need to build a fort, they can’t help but be surrounded by various math concepts. There is no wonder that Minecraft is being used by educators to enhance engagement and results in mathematics.


Kids can play Minecraft on servers. Servers give them the ability to play with their friends or with others around the world. They can work together to achieve their goals, share resources, build structures, and give each other advice. This teaches them that communication and cooperation are almost necessary when it comes to playing with others. These skills can be carried out and applied outside of the game to their lives.

STEM Interest (science, technology, engineering, math)

According to the U.S. Department of Education, only 16% of high school students are interested in a STEM career. STEM abilities are a necessity for industries in the 21st century. Minecraft is an excellent way to increase STEM interest in your child by developing computational thinking approaches by tinkering with ideas, creative thinking, and problem-solving through design and creating.

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