5 Key Ways Coding Helps Students Learn to Problem-Solve

Coding is increasingly becoming popular these days with recent advancements in technology across all fields. Coding can simply be described as the ability to give a computer instruction to execute a function in various computer languages. At Wiz Kid Coding, we encourage kids to acquire technical skills by teaching them coding and STEM-related programs and workshops.

Here are 5 ways coding teaches kids how to effectively solve problems and make better leaders.

  1. Coding helps your child break down the problem in simple steps so that it can be relayed into a computer programming language. This increases your child’s attention to detail and helps them deal with the problem in smaller buckets.
  2. Coding helps your child unleash their creativity to solve problems. When coming up with a solution they can put more thought into how the code should be written and relate to other programs. They are also able to look for multiple unique ways to solve the problem given which proves that there are many ways to kill a rat.
  3. After the code has been written, it needs to be tested. Here, your child will frequently check their code for any bugs and prepare to fix them. This process allows your child to apply their critical thinking skills to detect errors and mistakes made throughout the process.
  4. If your child is unable to debug their program, they will be forced to seek help. This makes them more curious to find feasible solutions for the problem they are tackling, hence improving their research and analytical skills. Building these skills at a young age is highly beneficial for school and their future career.
  5. Finally, coding helps kids communicate better when solving a problem. Children can excellently communicate their results and research findings to their peers and family members. In addition to this, they can carefully articulate programming and design concepts using storytelling techniques.  

As you can see, coding presents endless possibilities for children and contributes to their brain and personal development. For example, children can brainstorm creative ideas and independently decide which solution fits better with the problem they are facing. Children grow up to be well-rounded leaders who are confident at solving problems in their own unique way.

“Whether you want to uncover the secrets of the universe, or you just want to pursue a career in the 21st century, basic computer programming is an essential skill to learn.”

-Stephen Hawking

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