4 Astonishing Benefits to Virtual Socialization

The coronavirus pandemic is changing how kids are going to learn, leaving parents struggling to find something to properly ease their learning experience. A big part of in-person schooling is the child development that comes with social interaction. In order for children to develop a sense of self and start to learn what others expect of them, social interactions are needed to reach developmental milestones. Fortunately, online learning provides the socialization they need thus providing some of the same developmental aspects of in-person schooling. Socialization through online schooling can help children become empathetic, boundary setting, determined, and boost their collaborative skills.


Young children are egocentric by nature so putting them in school to interact with other children will help them come out of their shell. In live online classes, children still have the opportunity to come out of their nest. With socialization and interaction that is built into the classes with other children, they will be able to develop techniques such as sharing and setting boundaries. By seeing other classmates’ reactions to not getting an answer correct, they will be able to learn to have empathy for others. They will be able to recognize when their friends are mad, sad, and happy!


As children grow, so does their maturity. Childhood experiences outside of the home will teach children to listen to someone other than their mom and dad. By putting your child in another person’s discipline, it teaches them how to navigate amongst other people. Online instructors can provide the same discipline that in-person instructors provide. This will teach children discipline and that their behavior will have consequences. By picking up social cues from their classmates they will also be able to figure out what behaviours are appropriate for each situation.


Children will be able to learn determination in a school setting by allowing them to learn a skill that they would not have learned naturally. Children will realize that their efforts to accomplish a task will surrender satisfying results. Through live, online classes children will be able to make mistakes and fail in a healthy environment by constantly providing children the opportunity to improve. If your child is having trouble understanding an important concept such as writing a function in code, we will teach them the proper way to write a function and let them try again. Allowing children the opportunity to try again will encourage them to become determined to get correct answers.

Collaborative Spirit

It is critical for students to have the opportunity to collaborate to develop SEL skills(social-emotional learning). Giving kids the ability to collaborate with kids from anywhere around the world gives them a global perspective and common bond between them and that classmate that grows with shared interests. Using creative based learning in a virtual classroom will give students the opportunity to simply see other children’s projects and work together. There are many online tools that are helping children work effectively together whether it be through a game-creation app or video game. The difficulties that came along with arranging dates and times for afterschool collaboration projects in-person, has been made uncomplicated with the use of virtual classrooms.

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