2 Critical Reasons Why Kids Should Learn Roblox

The global COVID-19 pandemic has led to many new understandings about social issues, including the importance of mental health. During the epidemic, this topic has become more crucial than ever with people isolated from their friends and family. Their routines changed, and anxieties and pressures increased.

Due to this, gaming platforms are increasingly transforming into an outlet to find a sense of community and as an creative outlet. Roblox is one of those platforms, a medium through which over half of US kids are now keeping in touch.

During this turbulent time, we hear many influential and inspiring tales of how Roblox has helped children’s mental well-being. The article “How Can Play and the Roblox Community Help Your Mental Well-Being?” goes into detail on how kids can express themselves and release anxiety and feelings typically suppressed by building in Roblox.

In the article, the author, Laura Higgins, provides quotes from children such as Ashley, who went through different identity phases, and Quazar, who dealt with the feelings of being an outcast. The Roblox community provided them with an environment where they felt empowered and accepted.

The most compelling story was about Luke, a 12-year-old kid who was honored at the 2019 Roblox Game Awards as a Global Gaming Citizen for his original Roblox Game called Let’s Be Well. According to the article, he created his game following his father’s suicide to de-stigmatize depression. The game has since gone on to positively impact many of his peers affected by mental health issues.

Luke, Ashley, and Quazar are only a few examples of how Roblox has catered to an environment for healing. The most essential thing for kids is to start somewhere, and sometimes starting is the most challenging part. This is where Wiz Kid Coding becomes a valuable piece in the healing process. It teaches your kids how to optimize their Roblox creations/experiences. Wiz Kid Coding Roblox course assist with this healing environment by:

Helping teens and kids find a community:

The key is that Roblox has numerous communities on its platform. Thus, finding one (or more) relatable circle is much more manageable with an experienced instructor providing a guideline for navigating the continually expanding world of Roblox. Also, Wiz Kid Coding Roblox classes and camps are an excellent place for kids and teens to find peers to chat, making a lot of friends and acquaintances. Thus, Wiz Kid Coding virtual class communities provide a peer-based support system that stimulates healing, personal growth, and exploration. Therefore, Roblox and Wiz Kid Coding communities bring the possibility of uncovering a fascinating hobby or passion. Thereby giving kids who play Roblox a head start on finding their passion(s) in life.

Allowing teens and kids to explore:  

@XJenny_Beanx, one of Roblox community members, said, “Exploring Roblox is a really cool thing to do since all of its content is generated by the imagination of others. The more you explore, the more you can find, and the more you can experience.” Roblox is an online game platform that is continuously expanding. Every second, someone is developing a new world to explore. If there is no world to their liking, kids can create their own world with experienced instructors at Wiz Kid Coding! If world-building or exploration is not enough, kids can try UI/GFX art, clothing design, scripting/programming, concept art, and much more. Kids expressing themselves creatively is an excellent outlet for coping with their emotions.

In Wiz Kid Roblox Class, kids and teens can harness the power of play, and now more than ever, we all need some escapism and fun. At this challenging time, online games can offer kids the community they miss in the physical world.

I believe Laura said it best with this “It could just be their peers sharing their own experiences that make a kid feel less alone, or their advice on what helped them. It could just be that a kid needs a virtual hug and a laugh with friends. It may be that getting lost in creating a project, building a game, or making something beautiful works best.”

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