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Wiz Kid Future focused learning for a real world head start. Get your child ready for the real world with live virtual tech classes they'll love.
Prepare your child to succeed by teaching them about the power of Web3 through our new Intro to NFTs course! Sessions starting January 2023
Intro to NFTs and the Metaverse
Hands-on and Creative NFT Course for Students
Throughout our courses, students will participate in educational and interactive activities designed to develop and expand their coding knowledge as well as improve their problem solving, critical thinking, collaboration and logical thinking skills!
  • Deep dive into NFTs: learn how Web3 can be a force for good
  • Digital Art & 3D Design: Design art that can be used as an NFT
  • Learn about popular cryptocurrencies like Cardano & Ethereum
  • Launch NFT project: Build a mock NFT project and learn key Web3 business skills
NMKR Studio and Wiz Kid Learning Partnership
NMKR Studio is a suite of Web3 tools that empower creators to independently grow their brand by allowing them to create, manage and sell NFTs from an easy-to-use app. We are partnering together to provide access to future-focused Web3 Education programs for children!

Educating our youngest regarding how to use blockchain and NFT technology is the only way to make sure that we can build a sustainable future together.
— Kristian Portz, Chief Operating Officer of NMKR

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