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Wiz Kid Future focused learning for a real world head start. Get your child ready for the real world with live virtual tech classes they'll love.
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We prepare our students for success! That's why our classes are 100% future-focused.
How Homeschooling with Wiz Kid Works
Whether you want to sign your child up for classes or create a learning pod with all of your homeschool family peers - Wiz Kid has customized learning solutions to fit your homeschoolers needs
  • Semester courses & private tutoring
  • Group Class Scheduling and Individual Sign Up
  • Classes for ages 4 to 18
  • Customized courses to fit your learning goals
  • Over 35 Courses
Harness your child’s technology interest with future-focussed subjects like coding, web development, game design, animation, and more.
Flexible Online Semester Long Classes to fit your Families Needs
Live Online Group & Private Classes for Kids 4 - 18
Top-notch curriculum in subjects ranging from coding, maths, game design, financial literacy entrepreneurship, and more!
The hottest curriculum in exciting subjects like coding, game design, Python, entrepreneurship, and more.
Flexible online semester long classes in different time zones to suit your family's needs.
Flexible scheduling with weekly classes, camps, and private lessons in multiple time zones
Project-based education that focuses on creativity and creating lifelong learners.
Project-based classes give students hands-on experience in coding & STEM skills, and they leave class with a project to share and show off!
We offer Private & Group classes to fit your child's learning style and interests
Flexible scheduling with weekly classes, camps, and private lessons in multiple time zones
Social and Collaborative Learning
Throughout our courses, students will participate in educational and interactive activities designed to develop and expand their coding knowledge as well as improve their problem solving, critical thinking, collaboration and logical thinking skills!
  • Wiz Kid classes give students a social outlet while they learn key digital skills in an uplifting and fun environment.
  • Learners participate in interactive activities that develop their digital skills alongside other learners who share their technology interests, or 1-on-1 with an instructor.

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